Events from May 17, 2024

  • From May 17, 2024 09:30 until May 17, 2024 11:30
    The Brotherhood supports tāne so they can participate meaningfully in their community. Tāne can feel pride in their appearance, and have resources to attend courses, training, and job interviews, thanks to your donations. It also demonstrates to tāne that there is a community that cares about them and wants them to succeed. This is empowering. Kindness prevents prejudice, and provides a platform for people to learn about others.
  • From May 17, 2024 13:30 until May 17, 2024 14:00
    Our bodyweight exercise sessions will equip you with the tools to not only workout inside the gym but also at home, with no equipment required these sessions are fundamental and entry level, making it easy and accessible for anyone to take part.
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